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LA style

2011 September 1
by Thehousedaddy

After OC, we headed up to LA for a few days on the beach and no cooking.  We got in early to see some friends. Since we couldn’t check in, we met at our favorite LA spot, the Santa Monica farmer’s market. We have a tradition of making sure we are in LA for a Sunday so we can go.  Our good friend Adam usually bikes over to meet us for lunch after his basketball game, but we were there very early and planned to catch up with him after.  I felt back at home surrounded by people of all different walks of life.  Not only does the market have amazing local stuff that probably comes from where we were, but it has awesome food as well.  We were no longer freaks of nature and the options for vegan gluten free are tremendous.  Vegan tamales,  burritos, raw vegan shakes, baked goods and fresh coconut water in a coconut were only some the things available for us to eat.  We were stuffed and content to visit with friends, listen to live music and watch a completely different scenery.

Finally we got into the hotel and back to the beach without an agenda. Our kids are so happy to run on the waters edge, burry themselves in the sand and look for shells.  We could just sit and read and listen to the ocean and imagine a sea full of whales and dolphins just in front of us.  I didn’t need to do anything else until it was time to eat.

Dinner on our first night was at AXE in Venice.  We have had some good meals there and it is very casual and welcomes vegan eaters.  Last time in LA it burnt down to the ground on the night we had reservations. It just opened up for the first time a few days before our arrival.  We walked down Abbott Kinney to pick up Adam at the Other Room, his local hangout, which has an awesome glass front and big scene on Sunday nights.  It seems more like a European Sunday evening out than anywhere I have ever been in the US.  I went in to fetch Adam as the kids talked to everyone in the window seats and played with countless dogs that also came out to socialize.  Knowing it would be hard to get Adam away from his friends, I went in solo to get him.  He came out surprisingly quickly with some friends to meet the family.  Never have I seen a person more suited to a place.  Adam is Venice and it makes our time there more interesting than it would be without him.

Finally at AXE, with starving kids and a little late for our reservation we were able to order.  The space was similar, but even nicer than it had been with a great outside patio.  We had a very good meal and enjoyed dinner and talked to other patrons and staff as Adam knows everyone.  A veggie Pistou was the highlight of the meal.  We ordered everything we could and chowed.

We then strolled the streets of Venice meeting and talking to what seemed like everyone who went by as we made our way to Adam’s house to see Hannah and Nina and their new friends.  Dogs are a big part of our life and since Samantha can’t travel with us we need our fix.  The kids have been coming to CA all their lives and have a relationship with the local animals and the people.  This year the special treat was a rabbit and cat that was on temporary loan to Dennis, Adam’s next door neighbor. At this point it was super late so after the visit with the animals, VA went back to the hotel with the kids and I stayed out to experience what is every night for our single friend Adam.  I rarely make it out late, but I had a great night meeting beautiful and interesting folks of Venice.

Breakfast in Santa Monica/Venice always take us to Urth Café.  Another great spot for Vegans and lots of choices for breakfast and lunch items all day long.  While I don’t have a regular job, it is still hard to believe that a Monday in this area is no different from a Saturday.  I know people work hard, but not the same way.  You can’t help wonder what the hell everyone does for a living.  They seem to linger over coffee all day long.  This place is packed constantly.  If you ever watch Entourage you have seen a glimpse of the scene.  The food is good and the kids have their favorites. We always sit on the back patio and eat a variety of things.  The coffee at Urth is awesome and Virginia always gets one of the “best damn soy lattes” I have ever seen.

More beach to follow and then a planned dinner at Vardo.  We had never eaten dinner there before, but last time we were in LA we went for deserts since it is a vegan place.  We had a great experience last time as Noah was sitting next to Jessica someone who was dating Justin someone.  I had know idea who she was, but she was very talkative with Noah and we all figured out our common veganism. Her group was raving about their dinner so we vowed to try it next time out.  Virginia couldn’t believe how much she looked like Jessica Biel and was dying to say just so,  but for once held her tongue. Adam confirm who she was after we left.  I was happy I didn’t know until after since we had a nice conversation and I would have felt like I was intruding if I had know her star power.  She was easy on the eyes.  Anyway, the food was good. It is rare that we go to vegan places, and it is novel to be able to order anything on the menu without having to give the staff the third degree about hidden non-vegan or gluten items.

Look forward to next visit.

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  2. May 8, 2012

    Came by for a visit after Erik blasted out a FB link to your site. Fun to read and catch up with LA.

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